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Job Seeker Background Verification Service

NanoJobs.com strongly advices its employers to get the background of the jobseekers checked after shortlisting the candidate. The information of the jobseeker provided on NanoJobs.com might not be accurate as we have to rely on the information provided by the jobseeker itself.

NanoJobs.com provides various background verification services. We have tied up with agencies who have specific expertise in the informal sector.

These are the list of services provided by NanoJobs.com
Verification Service Service Price
Reference Check Telephonic verification of candidates’ personal integrity, educational and professional background from the professional and personal references provided by the candidate. Rs 300/- per reference
Employment Check Verifying the veracity of past employment record only with HR OR Verifying the veracity of past employment record with HR and the Reporting Manager. Rs 300/- per employment
Address Check Verification of candidate’s residential address – via physical site visit(Permanent / Current / Previous address) Rs 400/-
Driving License Verification Verification of the candidates driving license by the RTO Rs 900/-
Educational Verifying the authenticity of candidates’ educational and/or professional qualifications starting from SSC level either through official channels at the educational/professional institution. Rs 1100/-
Criminal Record Check -1 Verification of existence/non-existence of a candidate’s criminal history by searching criminal and civil court records. Rs 2500/-
Criminal Record Check -2 Verification of candidate’s undisclosed criminal history (if any) in the jurisdiction where the candidate currently resides/has resided through the Commissioner’s office or Special branch or local Police Station having jurisdiction over the location of the candidate’s given address. Rs 3500/-

Fill this form or Call us at (022) 6171-7171 or email us at background@nanojobs.com